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caustic cover critic a crown of wild myrtleCaustic Cover Critic is a great, extensive and exhaustive blog on the sole subject of cover design by an Australian man clearly obsessed with the art form. This is a must stop on your internet travels if you, like myself am also a fan. When I came to New York, I dreamed and attempted to find work as a book cover designer, a portfolio deemed too strange and avant garde thwarted me though, and now I am satisfied with finding my pleasure seeing other artists who have done books well.

It's actually hard to find well designed books, hence the “ranting” element of this blog, but luckily for us readers, he's not too caustic (despite his huge self portrait at the bottom that would suggest otherwise) to be unreadable and when he does go off, it's most definitely on those that truly deserve it.

Mostly, though this is a consistently updated, in depth spot to see the best book covers have to offer. It's introduced me to many names in design including: David Gentleman and Coralie Bickford-Smith and it's been great to see considerable information and images for people I am already familiar with like Ronald Searle, Charles Burns, and the book cover as art's greatest modern champion Chip Kidd.

He also conducts some very interesting interviews with designers like Michael Kellner and David Drummond. Have fun exploring for hours. There are many archives with tons of fun images for the design minded.

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Posted on January 12, 2009

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