Style Icons: Male »Patrick Kelly

Whimsical Designer

I used to love looking at the Patrick Kelly ads in magazines as a kid. With his signature overalls and upturned baseball hat, his life seemed like a never ending party. His creations, which included lots of embellished tight short mini dresses (he height of what I considered sexy dressing then) seemed like a whimsical collaboration with the world.

Huge sewn on buttons, rainbow tutus, the Eiffel Tower – is it little wonder his designs charmed the likes of Grace Jones and Isabella Rossellini as well as a nine year old fledgling fashion lover?

He breathed so much life into the world of fashion but ironically and tragically was the first celebrity I knew and admired that succumbed to AIDS. It makes me sad still to think of the out of control brilliant fun he’d be adding to fashion week if he were alive today.

The Brooklyn Museum had a retrospective of his career in 2004 but I still feel he’s a bit unsung and forgotten by the upcoming stylish youth.

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Posted on April 19, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Sidney Lumet

Film Director

Iconic director Sidney Lumet passed away this week. He left behind some great ones so if you’re planning a Lumet marathon, be sure to include my two favorites: Network and Dog Day Afternoon as well as 12 Angry Men, When the Devil Knows You’re Dead and The Fugitive Kind. Serpico is one of his most hailed but not my personal top pick.

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Posted on April 12, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Norman Norell

Dean of American Fashion

Because the name Norman Norell doesn’t live on in the form of a cheap line of cosmetics, sunglasses or perfume, his name is not as well known as it once was. It’s a shame because he was really a fantastic designer – one that began by dressing Ziegfeld girls and Gloria Swanson. No wonder the man knew his way around floor length sequins.

He was respected by French couturiers and we all know how snobby they can be, right? But his impeccable eye for detail and easy glamour was undeniably admirable. A great bio of the man dubbed “The Dean of American Fashion”, who did so much to further New York’s reputation in the fashion world can be read here.

While several of his designs were featured in the excellent American High Style show at the Brooklyn Museum, it’s been decades since a Met retrospective of his work. Michelle Obama’s ingeniously stylish choice to wear one of his vintage frocks to a Christmas event, though, brought some new attention and interest in this master of design.

Click here for the rest of Norman Norell

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Posted on March 29, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Yves Klein

Artist in Blue

The phrase “Yves Klein blue” has been buzzing around lately – and not because of the Australian rock band that took the name. It’s a rich, vibrant hue that French artist Yves Klein worked almost exclusively with in his early career – and it’s been all the rage in fashion lately.

It’s a triumphant, optimistic color and perfect for stepping out in as spring is sprung. I was even recently requested to vote on the color in a nail polish contest.

The colorful creations were not Klein’s only artistic achievements though. As a performance artist and provocateur he made people queue up for an empty room, dragged naked painted ladies around on canvases, and exchanged empty spaces for gold.

I am excited to have learned recently more about this enigmatic artist whose death was as unusual as his methods of creating art. Having appeared in Mondo Cane (another new-ish discovery for me), a precursor to shock value movies like Faces of Death, he suffered a heart attack during the premiere.

Click here for the rest of Yves Klein

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Posted on March 17, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Paris Fashion Week

A Gothic blackness hung over the Paris shows and who better to represent the trend than the Belgian mistress of the dark, Ann Demeulemeester, who turned out signature awesomeness like this layered corset closure skirt. (She also went into some dubious territory with the Yeti trend but we’ll discuss that later).

Yamamoto created one of my favorite vampy looks from Paris with this gravity defying lace skirt that feels both light and dark at the same time…

A look created in a more wearable, though nipple bearing fashion at Collette Dinnigan.

But it was Nicolas Andreas Taralis who took the Gothic theme to the most extreme with his literally blood splattered collection that crazily managed to combine puffy shirts and true beauty. Looking like a Victorian Vampire suddenly seems like a pretty good idea…

Though if you’d rather evoke the slick Vampirism of Catherine Deneuve a la The Hunger, this long cape and body suit from YSL is perfect.

I really liked the eye popping gold and black at Gareth Pugh, but had to share this gorgeous wrap dress that is both flatteringly wearable and unique. I think hoods will pop up in unfamiliar, more formal places. I for one, will have an eye out for a hooded dress, though one with leather arms will probably be a tougher find.

Continuing the black trend – the motorcycle jacket – which can be worn two ways to look completely new and wonderful. I’d opt for the great proportions at Limi Feu of tiny jacket and flowing long skirt.

But Junya Watanabe’s opposite proportions – over sized boyfriend jacket with short school girl skirt is great too. This girl would garner stares of awe at her coolness walking down the street.

One of the most unexpected and memorable shows was Givenchy, which in addition to the incredible couture line surely rocketed designer Riccardo Tisci to the job of taking over at Dior. I want, nay, need a riding cap with cat ears. Need it! While it will be sad to see him leave the house (who will be his replacement?) I am sure he’ll bring his innovation to Dior, which while always lovely was feeling a bit repetitive anyways, no?

The animal graphic didn’t end with panthers at Givenchy though, surprisingly they made an appearance at the less trendy Ungaro. As a lover of birds of prey, I am fawning over this eagle stop, which here looks good with patent leather pants, but in reality shiny jeggings aren’t the best thing to become trendy on most of our less than twig-like bodies.

Chanel embodied the very prevalent anti-pretty, anti-sexy mood of the moment -which seems to say to women – “You best be skinny and gorgeous already because we’re not going to help you out too much on that front”. I mean, quilted moon suits? BUT, this look is one of my favorites even if the show was not. I could walk out wearing this exactly and feel like my best self. Skinny jeans don’t belong everywhere, but under a roomy short dress, they are perfect.

And speaking of roomy, this slouchy suit by Paul and Joe was awesome. “Slouchy” and “suit” usually equal “dowdy” but this manages to look different and hip.

And on to that Yeti trend I spoke up. Never have I seen so much monkey fur and woolly mammoth models, but this Giambattista Valli look was one of the few that looked more fashionable that big foot. Even if it may seem absurd to most to wear something like this – I love the styling from the bold necklace to the bright cinched waist and wouldn’t mind stepping out on the town in this.

In a smaller way, the trend looked clean and cool at Neil Barrett. The fur mini skirts were fab but this well tailored jacket is impeccable.

Another trend was the world traveling woman – Rick Owens and AF. Vandervorst both embraced the look. But at Sacai the trend was stunning. Refreshing shades of pale beiges, winter whites and clean greys made one want to travel Scandinavia in style. (Just try to not get distracted by the front row frowns and scowls).

But the trend was perhaps best displayed at Hermes, where each layered look called to mind the kind of women Indiana Jones would meet on his adventures. The capes were long, the boots high and once again the hood is sophisticated.

Sophistication also reigned at Lanvin. I swear if I could walk out the door looking this simply stylish my happiness would know no bounds.

The 40’s were mined, then turned on their head at Louis Vuitton. The result was tons of fun. I especially love this slightly naughty little girl look with it’s peter pan collar and puff sleeves. The gloves and lace up pumps complete the look.

Miu Miu too seemed to be in a 40’s kind of mood. Big shoulder pads, narrow waists and feminine prints walked her runway. But as usual, she added a modern, almost techy twist. This time with utility details and glittery leather pumps that are some of the best of the season.

Roland Mouret wins the award for the most simple dress that could make one feel like 1970’s era Isabelle Huppert with this red number. Not only is it effortlessly pretty, it is a red that is neither too bright nor too far on the drab burgundy side of things. A color problem hard to solve in lipstick too.

Prints were another story and while everyone from Elie Saab to Chacharel boasted some lovely ones, none were as interesting as the patchwork combos in this Dries Van Noten dress. Bonus for the pairing with python shoes (a use of python I found much more pleasing than all of the Chloe collection).

Vivienne Westwood’s main line was much more to my taste than her Red Label and this wild maxi skirt and Mayan inspired top was undeniably awesome.

Tartan made itself seem at Rykiel and Gaultier but it was freshest in the structured off kilter school girl looks at Carven.

Balmain was more business as usual, but business is good when it means a sexy, attention grabbing mini dress like this. It was especially welcome in the sea of less body conscious stuff.

More good stuff after the jump…

Click here for the rest of Best of Paris Fashion Week

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Posted on March 13, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Robert Smith

Cure Front Man

Robert Smith is too mysterious to be a mere pop star, too peculiar to be a typical heartthrob, but with his shock of black tangled hair, whiter than white skin, and smeary red lipstick, he changed what the face of rock and roll could look like.

With his sensitive and intellectual lyrics and pop sensibilities that merged with gloom, sadness, joy, heartbreak, and wonder – he changed what popular music could sound like too.

Even as he’s associated with creating the “goth” subculture, you know, back when it was a subculture and not manufactured for mall stores, his look and music are far too unique and complex to neatly fit in that category.

While very, very few men can pull off the look exactly (and  by now you should know if you’re one of them or not) there’s more to his style than just drag ghoulishness.

Just love that grey sweater vest/polo combo (see? not what you’d consider goth huh?) and below/after the jump he plays guitar in the most perfect gloomy artist sweater ever.

On top of having great taste in sweaters, he’s also pretty much a musical genius – a fact I am reminded of every time a Cure song comes up on the shuffle just as A Letter To Elise did this morning, causing teenage romantic palpitations and sudden urges to keep a journal.

Click here for the rest of Robert Smith

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Posted on March 11, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Ferrante & Teicher

Piano Duo

What a couple of awesome guys Ferrante and Teicher were! Just those tuxedo jackets below are alone enough to warrant style icon status. They were not merely snappy dressers though. While their names may not be as recognizable as they once were, a new generation is discovering the duo.

They performed memorable film scores like Midnight Cowboy and The Apartment and experimented with the piano by “adding paper, sticks, rubber, wood blocks, metal bars, chains, glass, mallets, and other found objects to piano string beds. In this way they were able to produce a variety of bizarre sounds that sometimes resembled percussion instruments, and at other times resulted in special effects that sounded as if they were electronically synthesized”.

Their albums always had fantastic groovy covers. A few are included after the jump.

Click here for the rest of Ferrante & Teicher

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Posted on March 4, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Milan Fashion Week

Meh. Milan just didn’t offer as much this season to get me excited, I thought a lot was strangely dated and unflattering -but on the positive side, Fendi was fab. I had a hard time deciding between looks to feature (I included the fur vest evening look below the jump) but decided on this great stylish secretary look that plays with colored tights and an update to the pussy bow shirt of the 70’s.

Gucci also combined colors in a way that evokes working empowered women of the Me decade. It’s hard to make a huge fur coat look wearably smart and not too dressy but here it is.

Armani shows usually mean sifting through several thousand looks (or so it seems) of relative repetition, but in the mini trend of huge floor grazing scarves/wraps none could be better than this one.

Though Etro did a similar look well mixing all black with a pop of busy print.

This Antonio Marras look is perfectly chic. And after finding the perfect pleated black maxi (after just saying it would be impossible – thank you About Glamour for being so awesome!) I now know that I also need a striped French inspired boat neck sweater.

And the maxi skirt trend continues, this time in a gauzy chiffon(?) paired with a simple sweater and tote.

Jil Sander met the trend with a strange but appealing origami shape and a high waist. And though that boxy collard shirt is very now, it would probably be more wearable paired with something simpler.

I included this Moschino take on the maxi because I am so happy to see that the vintage Fredericks of Hollywood gold lame maxi dress I wore under tanks and tees this summer wasn’t just weird, but a look ahead of the curve.

What topsy turvydom! Roberto Cavalli had some of my favorite looks with it’s over the top gypsy mess. He may represent the ultimate in Euro trash, but I have to say I love the feathery, Stevie Nicks, shiny business that was going on at the throats. And this layered animals print gown is pretty killer.

Such a weird combo, but the high low mix of chunky sequins and prim turtleneck is pretty brilliant. I am going to scour my closets for similar mixing and matching.

Another sequined gem. Who couldn’t have more fun going out with a little flippy skirt like this?

D&G went out on their own with the vibrant, neon, 1980’s word print collection. It was a love it or hate it spectacle and I loved it – slowly but surely as each look emerged reminding me more and more of the old Vogues my sister and I used to go through when we were super young. In reality, pulling off any of these looks would be hard for most people, but anyone would add some pop to an outfit with just one piece this loud and fun.

While the lace tinged vintage prints will probably make all the fashion magazines, I was kind of taken with the idea of a plum suede culotte set!

Prada probably offered the most visible and defining “looks” with the drop waist flapper coat dresses and the fish scale sequins, but it was this white dress that I instantly responded to the most. Am crazy for the python boots too. Oh, and while the collection may have taken time to sink in and assess, one thing was perfectly clear – Muccia thinks you should be clutching your bag to your chest this season.

Some Trussardi looks were awkward but this furry skirt creation is impeccable. My sister recently got me a similar vintage piece – she always keeps me looking good with unique birthday gifts!

The hem detailing on this over sized jacket/skirt combo is incredible. It reminds me of the seashore….

… as does this embellished number by Iceberg.

I liked Dolce and Gabbana’s take on the star print – but in a lot of looks I had a hard time getting past the fanny pack things. So I offer this great embellished shift that is unusually paired with a mini star print blouse. A cute way to reinterpret those dressy vintage mini dresses I have lying around.

Not totally sure what’s going on this this possible fringed, possible beaded, possibly lace outfit, but I really, really like it.

Several pieces in the Armani collections had me thinking he was a little off his rocker – and when the face tunic came out, I knew I wasn’t wrong. Still, this gown with elaborate neck piece is gorgeous.

More looks after the jump.

Click here for the rest of Best of Milan Fashion Week

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Posted on March 1, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of London Fashion Week

London offered lots of skirt ideas starting with this cozy origami knit set from Antonio Berardi. Why oh why is it so hard to find such flattering tailored knits in real life? Love the wintery off white and grey too…

A palette mirrored in this equally cuddly Aquascutum look. I’d do just about anything to have this sweater to curl up into with hot tea and Masterpiece Theater next winter (or this winter, for that matter since it’s never ending). I’d make the most fashionable old lady shut in if I could just get my hands on it.

I could easy walk out of the house in this House of Holland ensemble. Right down to the striped socks and animal print shoes. Of course, I can’t because I don’t have a suit in this incredible shade of purple pink, a shade expertly matched to yellow. (If you’re in a state about what to wear, the purple yellow pairing is almost a guaranteed win.) I can however steal the styling ideas – I already often pair a suit with a casual tee but love the idea of adding a peek a boo slip.

Chanel by way of Peru is the best way to describe this absolutely fabulous suit. I am in love.

Jackets also took center stage. Starting with Burberry Prorsum which featured little else. I loved the line and found it tough to pick a favorite. The saturated, pillowy brights were fun, the plaids were bold and the classics were re-imagined beautifully – but this burnt orange fitted trench with fur shoulders and pop belt was one of the best and a good representation of the whole show. I’ve always wanted a Burberry trench but actually ended up with better in a vintage German number my mom found on ebay. The lesson being, I guess, that if you’re looking for a key vintage piece, don’t only search by label names.

I liked the bull print from Anastase. It reminded me of high school mythology text books, but it was this mid calf length coat I kept thinking about – wishing I had something similarly prim and romantic to welcome fall.

I loved most everything from the African inspired Sass & Bide show. This bold, graphic wrap shawl jacket thing was one of the stand out looks though.

Am I the only one that thought of the grotesque Casey of Casey and his brother when faced with the unnerving makeup at Vivienne Westwood? And, honestly, I don’t care if it’s her or Galliano, anytime old fashioned hobo Halloween costumes are the defining influence on a collection, it’s just not going to be my favorite. Still, this high necked trench (with possibly beads at the wrists? or are those bangles?) is simply perfect.

London is always good for wearable quirk. Jonathan Saunders, who’s previous collection directly inspired the design of this site, is always one I look forward to seeing. His use of color and pattern is always off kilter and ingenious. This ensemble is a great example. This mixing of color is something always fun to do with your own closet. Sometimes I’m surprised by how neat things look together that you wouldn’t initially think to combine.

I am really hoping these are pants. The lip print would be fun in almost anything but best as wide palazzo pants.

I love looks that confuse while still remaining chic. It’s a sartorial skill that is hard to pull off and even harder to explain. Luckily this Pilotto outfit illustrates the phenomenon well. Are those boots? Pants? It all melds together smartly but taken apart piece by piece is rather odd.

I love this Erdem print!! I kind of hope the chains offer some nice knock offs. I’ve always wanted a dress with that criss cross front too.

There was also lots of less wearable quirk. I particularly liked these long layered fringe looks from the Central St Martens show. I feel terrible not giving credit to the student designer who managed to make something so all at once strange and cool but I’ve yet to find coverage that includes this info.

Katrantzou, though she had a few collections under her belt, really broke out last season with her interior design prints. This season, intricate Ming dynasty decoration, layered in vivid color was the theme. I particularly love this look with the bell shaped skirt.

The gilded gothy evening wear from Julien MacDonald was some of my favorite of the season. If the Ann Rice novels were ever remade decently (trust me they haven’t been so far – I just laughed my way through the first fifteen minutes of Interview) these could be perfect dressing for a gorgeous vampire. I wonder (probably in vain) if I can find anything vintage that is similarly embroidered on ebay…

And we have another unnamed Central St Martens collection of glamorous madness. I’d love to see this up close. It looks so detailed in textures and embellishments.

This row consists of pieces or details I couldn’t get out of my head, like the long belted pleated skirt from J.W. Anderson. With this I could reinvent my entire wardrobe. I must find something similar but I don’t expect it to be easy.

I really don’t care for Sienna Miller and I didn’t want to like anything from her Twenty8Twelve line – but – I have to admit this is a good look. The sequined button down is perfect with dark jeans, a knit cap and a blazer.

To be honest I don’t really care for this Ilincic outfit, but the hat, those dark lips and that wavy chestnut hair is gorgeous. If I can ever get my hair to look this good I am copying the look and even if not, I can manage the hat and lipstick.

And finally this sort of slutty little number which is my guilty pleasure pick of the week. It reminds of this awesome older girl in Junior High named Seven Lueder Powers who would wear strapless leather mini dresses to dances to the shock of everyone.

After the jump are more favorite looks. You’ll see more fringe, lots of black and white, and that Pantone wasn’t wrong about Mimosa they were just a couple years ahead of the curve.

Click here for the rest of Best of London Fashion Week

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Posted on February 24, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of NY Fashion Week

So, with the help of the iphone app I bring you my top 20 looks of New York Fashion Week (plus menswear and additional favorites after the jump).

They seem to have broken down into: Patterns, Layering, Dresses, and for the first time I found myself in love with lots of pants and sweaters, two things I rarely wear.

Proenza Schouler, whose charmed life and American Psycho good looks always put me off a little, have been gaining my love lately, first with neon lace and now managing to make a newly overplayed and dead trend – Navajo – into the most obviously “it” look of the season.

I love the silhouette created by the Rachel Roy look and wonder why I don’t have a shawl collar blazer. But no matter, I plan to pull this off with just popping my collars, finally putting some of my lovely scarves to use in ascot form, belting it all up and matching with a printed skirt. Anyone can do it!

Suno, one of the lines I now always look forward to (and who is half designed by an old school mate making Colorado Springs proud!) is excellent with the prints and this season they are layered ingeniously. The whole collection is worth looking at for ideas to stack and clash, but I particularly love this apron look.

And Gary Graham – while not every look was my favorite, I will be having dream upon dream about this coat and even find myself a bit envious that I can’t pull off a printed legging as pants look (that is really, oh so wrong for oh so many but looks fabulous on shown teeny tiny bewigged zombie girl).

Another do it yourself-er with this fabulous Doro Olowu look. Simply grab maxi skirt (I might need to invest in a flowy one for Spring into Fall) pair with long cardigan (I plan to borrow from Jim), add a high ribbon or belt and again, more good use for those scarves we all have lying around.

This A Detacher look seems simple but stands out for the cozy color, texture and length combos. Looks like one of those easy looks that grace the street style blogs and leaves you wondering how some women have it so easy looking effortlessly gorgeous. This is tougher to pull of with items for your closet since each piece needs to work with each other perfectly. Otherwise, this could be dumpy. But worth keeping an eye out for all the pieces.

You say “lace skirt” and I don’t automatically think tweed men’s blazers, English lace up boots and  dainty florals, but all put together at Organic, it’s quietly spectacular. I can’t wait to throw lace into unexpected places.

And while layers of ecru is always ethereal and nice, Nanette Lepore makes them cool too with textures.

This exaggerated look from Chris Benz is possibly my overall favorite even if I am far too short and curvy to pull it off myself. I’d still like to play with  the idea and see what I can come up with for my frame.

And the good pants keep coming with Chadwick Bell who highlights the trend of loose but tailored pants with long belted sophistication up top.

Which is done in another beautiful way over at Richard Chai.

Now this Margiela look is very cool girl of the moment, from the greasy hair on her head to the black knee high leather boots on her toes. It’s a look I usually have no problem with but am not partial to, but there’s something in this particular execution that has left me loving it. Maybe it’s the addition of faux yeti and those killer boots that I will never find to fit me properly.

If I could realistically ask for one item this Fall, I’d seriously consider this jacket by United Bamboo. How anyone could make me love something that features one of my least favorite things – shearling – is beyond me.

This DKNY look may not be a standout to most, but there is something about the over sized red and pink stripes that is tugging at my memory. Like from the first days of really getting into fashion magazines in the late 80’s early 90’s. Was it Mizrahi? Or is Donna repeating herself? Either way, I hope H&M knocks off this look because there’s nothing I want more than a cheery Freddy Krueger sweater in these colors.

MMMM M. Patmos makes me want to get all squishy and cuddly in these flattering layers of knit.

And Preen nails the fine line between totally weird and totally wearable with this Q-bert esque sweater that looks comfortable under a slick suit as shown, but could accompany almost any look from jean skirts to sequin minis. Too bad finding a substitute for a sweater this unique will prove to be incredibly challenging.

And my evening wear coat pick would have to be this bold, bright Marchesa – the start to another derivative but insanely lovely line.

I had to look up who “The Row” was. Should I be more embarrassed that I didn’t realize it was the Olsen twins or that this big socks, tiny belt, black gloves and huge fur hat look is one of my very favorites of the whole season?

The shape of this little Tibi dress is perfect!

And who knew BCBG could be so inspiring? And with turtlenecks no less?

Click here for the rest of Best of NY Fashion Week

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Posted on February 18, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Ernie K-Doe

Emperor of the World

After a successful stint as an R&B king, most notably as the performer of the hit “Mother in Law“, Ernie K-Doe hit a rough patch he dubbed an “alcohol haze” that lasted a couple decades.

Rather than giving up, though he came back, with better hair than ever, a flamboyant enthusiasm for himself and New Orleans, a new self proclaimed nick name: “The Emperor of the World”, a hopping music venue called The Mother In Law Lounge, and a posthumous faux run for Mayor headed by his loving wife.

A true original and eccentric, his cape wearing, entertaining antics made him a symbol of New Orleans. When his lounge was severely damaged after Katrina, the Hands on Network came in to help it reopen in 2008.

Click here for the rest of Ernie K-Doe

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Posted on February 6, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Pierre Cardin

Futuristic Designer

There was a time when the idea of the future looked like the space age, stylish designs of Pierre Cardin. That is a future I would have liked to live in.

I wonder what he thinks of the world of Uggs, Crocs, and pants as leggings. He’s probably pretty grumpy about it.

Click here for the rest of Pierre Cardin

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Posted on January 25, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Kansai Yamamoto

Bold Designer

I’ve learned while going through photos of Kansai Yamamoto‘s awesome work that it is indeed possible to salivate over amazing costume! He’s the man responsible for the wardrobe for David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Tour and currently produces something called Super Show that is at once fascinating, inscrutable and over the top. I am dying to attend.

There have been two retrospectives in Tokyo and Philadelphia so heres to hoping one comes to New York. Oh, and wouldn’t a chain store collaboration be simply amazing?! I’d do just about anything for one of his patchwork kimono dresses.

Click here for the rest of Kansai Yamamoto

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Posted on January 11, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Best of 2010 Male Style Icons

Great Men

It was a tough year for loss. My favorites in the fields of art, fashion, and literature passed away this year. They rank among the best male style icons of my 2010:

1. Frank Frazetta

2. Alexander McQueen

3. JD Salinger

4. Malick Sidibe

5. Danilo Donati

6. Hipgnosis

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Posted on January 1, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Hipgnosis

Album Artists

If you can remember the image of an album cover from the seventies and eighties that’s got a touch or more of photo surrealism then Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey Powell, and Peter Christopherson, aka Hipgnosis was probably behind it. The British design group basically dictated what the enduring face of rock and roll would look like for a decade.

Not only were they behind iconic albums like The Dark Side of the Moon and Houses of the Holy but some of my personal favorites – Scorpions’ Lovedrive and 10cc’s How Dare You! (favorites in album art only – The Scorpions cold never live up to their controversial covers).

Click here for the rest of Hipgnosis

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Posted on December 30, 2010

Style Icons: Male »Captain Beefheart


Even though I try to never repeat in this blog (he was a previous style icon), and am still working through my own understanding of his music, I wanted to mention Captain Beefheart again today, on the day of his passing. Deemed “too weird for the hippies” he was a true original who inspired everyone that ever “got” him. He was 69 and unlike anyone else.

Click here for the rest of Captain Beefheart

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Posted on December 17, 2010

Style Icons: Male »David Johansen

New York Doll

Rock and roll icon and Staten Island native David Johansen was way ahead of his time both with his sound and style when he fronted the now legendary band, The New York Dolls. Even today they inspire and seem cutting edge.

Johansen went on to create the boozing wild man crooner Buster Poindexter in the 80’s, which is where I was first introduced to the man as a kid and today both tours with the dolls and continues to make unpredictable music making songs for soundtracks and even going country with his band The Harry Smiths.

With an incredibly unique career in music, he’s also an actor and his immense charm can be seen on the NYC episode of  No Reservations, where he shows Anthony the best of Staten Island, including the Jade Island tiki bar I am itching to go to.

Click here for the rest of David Johansen

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Posted on December 13, 2010