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B Movie Goddess

Caroline Munro starred in the Italian Star Wars rip off (or more appropriately Star Wars unintentional parody) called Starcrash. It’s compared to Plan 9 From Outer Space and the French absolutely love it.

She plays interstellar hero, Stella who’s companions are a muppety looking floppy haired dude named Akton and a man in a mask meant to pass as a robot with, I swear, a foghorn leghorn accent. Not only does he posses said horrifying accent, but he talks incessantly throughout the movie, like a toddler mixed with a cartoon. One time he has to inform everyone that “oops, I’m stuck in my seat belt”. It’s meant to be comic relief, but I got the sneaking suspicion that even though this movie stole ideas from the original Star Wars, Lucas may have taken a few cues from here for the first trilogy of the saga. It’s worth checking out even if you see it while fast forwarding.

Still Munro rocks as Stella, she’s cheesy and fun and gorgeous. Just like she was as the Bond Girl, Naomi in The Spy Who Loved Me. She also has an impressive career as a Hammer horror girl. And as my friend Matthew learned when he had the opportunity to see her speak, she has a great attitude about her campy and fantastic career. She’s one of the greatest B Movie stars ever.

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Posted on May 19, 2008

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