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candy necklacesI like my necklaces. I like them big, cheap, faux and gaudy – but there's no necklace I love more than one I can eat. The idea of edible and delicious jewelry that was introduced to the world of sweet toothed girls in 1958, is a brilliant one.

I also love that they've never quite faded away, grocers are often refilling their orders and while it's not exactly like you can pick one up at every convenience store in town like beef jerky and ginseng shots, the delightful treat can be picked up once and a while. And I never miss an opportunity those once and a whiles.

Obsessively I play a game with the way I eat mine. I start by eating any pairs, so no two colors are sitting together, then I eat single colors sitting between like colors, so I can do the whole process of getting rid of pairs again. Then eventually, begin to make patterns, either ending with a palindromic necklace that's the same on both sides or a repeated pattern of color. Like most abnormal behavior, I probably don't understand how insane this is making me appear, but there it is.

Oh and for those so inclined, apparently they also make them with a penis hanging off of them. Enjoy.

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Posted on December 15, 2008

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