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burden of dreams les blankMaster documentarian Les Blank, whose films include another amazing Herzog portrait: Werner Herzong Eats His Shoe, travelled to South America to chronicle the shoot of Fitzcarraldo, the one about the mad man determined to build an opera house in the middle of the jungle.

Like a lot of Herzog's films, Fitzcarraldo is not an easy watch–but Blank's documentary, Burden of Dreams, is simply phenomenal.

Herzog can't help himself, he casts his best fiend, fellow German lunatic and best actor ever to play a character that totally freaks out, Klaus Kinski, as the leading man. Problems develop rapidy, Kinski is truly psychotic, and it isn't long before Herzog is holding a gun on him from behind the camera.

The production could not be more insanse: deep up the Amazon, totally off the grid, Herzog hires two warring tribes to serve as the cast and crew (many of whom want Kinski dead) and will only shoot during magic hour (twilight time). It's hard to describe just how nuts this movie is–you've just got to see it for yourself .

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Posted on December 4, 2006

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