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bulleit bourbon and ginger aleJim's work party was held at the yet to be opened City Winery that has had alchies (can we assume that's the drinker's equivalent of a foodie?) a buzz with it's high priced make your own wine in their vaults propositions.

I can't fairly remark too much on the place yet, because the crowd really has so much to do with the vibe, but I can say it's really huge and therefor makes you feel like you've left Manhattan to some magical place where people can afford that amount of real estate. It felt very Colorado actually.

I can also say that the food we ate was pretty great. I was a particular fan of the potato tarts and the chicken salad on an apple crisp (though I can't say if either of these will be on the real menu). The staff, also was top notch. It's clear that they want to create a welcoming, friendly and unpretentious vibe. It's one staff member in particular that I have to thank for today's entry.

When a lack of bitters rendered him unable to make me an old fashioned, he offered instead to make a bourbon and ginger ale with a twist of lemon. He also said I was a girl after his own heart and was just the right age and had just the right tone that it was endearing rather than creepy. Older men beginning to go gray are often pretty psyched to have youngin's's ordering bourbon for whatever reason.

I am just glad to have one for bourbon drink in my pocket and to have been reacquainted with Bulleit. I am usually a Maker's Girl, but plan to pick a bottle up when that stash dries out.

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Posted on December 15, 2008

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