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Children Can Die In So Many Ways

It would seem that the goal of the latest local public service announcements is to make us sick to our stomachs with the consequences of our indulgent lifestyles (fingerless smokers or sodas made with human, bulbous, bile filled, reddish fat anyone?) but in Britian back in the 1970s they had their sights on the nation’s children, who time and again were shown the myriad ways they could be killed in every day situations.

The Apaches, a particularly gruesome film about a group of kids dying in various ways on a farm is a bit of a cult classic but the threatening drowning film “I Am the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water” is a favorite of mine (and I beg anyone with a heavy metal band to do a song with that title). There are tons of these on youtube (type in “British Public Information Films”); I’ve included some stills below/after the jump.


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Posted on February 21, 2010

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