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Many television shows lately are called “hard hitting” and “relentless” but Breaking Bad, which is far from the Weeds-like drug dealing comedy one might expect truly deserves these descriptors. I am shocked then, that no one really talks about how, well, crazy this show is. I’ve heard it’s good, but without a mention of melting human bodies and an extremely depressing subplot about dying from cancer.

That all the severe tension and heavy stuff mixed with totally gruesome events can result in anything called entertainment is impressive, but Breaking Bad does one better and offers high quality entertainment due in no small part to the cast and the writing. It took me a couple episodes to be on board, but it’s strangely compelling once you’re into it.

You know I love Bryan Cranston and even more so now with his demented adventures and bald head. I am also glad to see he is type cast as an extremely horny man with plenty of sex scenes with his wife who is played by the uptight school teaching wife of Bullock on Deadwood (her name). Also stolen from Deadwood? the nearly identical theme song making the short lived foul mouthed show possibly the least watched by viewers and most revered by casting agents and producers.

I’ve only seen the first season and look forward to the rest, which fans say only get better.

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Posted on July 25, 2010

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