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In the Warriors, you’ve got all those memorable lines (“Warriors, come out to playayay”), a charming and good looking cast, and plenty of balls-to-the-walls anti-authoritarian gang action — but it’s the costumes, designed by Bobbie Mannix, that are really the main reason this film has gained such a cult following.

I’m particularly fond of the Furies, who don face paint that outdoes Kiss and brandish baseball bats for whooping. They’re one of the few gangs in the Warriors world that actually seems menacing. Also a huge fan of the Punks, the ill named group that floats around on rollerskates, tend to be a bit heftier in the bod, and sport overalls and striped Rugby shirts. And who can forget the angel-faced rough girl, Mercy, and her second skin pink unitard? Dov Charney would approve.

When I found out the designer had also done the costumes for Xanadu, I was smitten and knew she just had to be my style icon this week. Her concept of the future, of gangs, and of aliens is unusual to say the least: A gang that elicits fear with purple shiny magician’s assitants vests and top hats? Sure. A muse decked out in lame and leopard print, why not?

While Mannix may be largely absent from the big screen lately (although she did just do 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre) she does tons of commercials and has had something to do with the Spice Girls and Lil’ Kim (sweet).

Her own site is, unfortunately, more confusing than enlightening. There’s a photo gallery with no explanation of the photos; is she dressing little girls for their ballet recitals and involved with Medieval Times in her spare time? We may never know.

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Posted on March 10, 2008

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