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blanton's bourbonMy friend Laura, who recently packed up and left for LA (boo!) recently learned that her cross country movers refused to pack any opened bottles – I've never been so grateful for arbitrary rules because it meant that we all got to raise a glass at her going away soir?e of this very, very fine single barrel bourbon.

Their site explains what “makes our bourbon so special” and it includes setting the standard of single barrel bourbon (in the 1800's they were the first to even conceive of a single barrel process), evaluations from Master Distillers (“true artisan, the master distiller is the crucial element in the bourbon making process. Each brand of bourbon has its own recipe, closely guarded by the master distiller”), a panel of professional tasters(!) and hand packaging.

It's so fancy that each bottle is hand-numbered with the exact barrel and date it was made. Plus, it's stopped with an adorable little pewter horse and jockey, like a little toy for rich boys that love the races.

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Posted on April 6, 2009

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