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old lady bingoMy office hosted a charity Bingo Night and we ended up having way more fun that expected. There's something exciting about simple games of chance, even though I have the worst luck in them.

Bingo has caught on as a bar game too, particularly in my neighborhood of Greenpoint, where both Black Rabbit and The Mark Bar host events. I've never made it to the Mark Bar one, and would be a bit scared considering all the jock/sleaze men my friends have had to fend off there, but we did unwittingly walk in on a rambunctious evening it play at Black Rabbit.

Hosted by Bobby Tisdale, who is now officially the kind of famous person I see the most of (use to be various members of The State). You may know him if you ever made it to the fab (but now defunct) Invite Them Up or in a bit part as a factory worker in Junebug. Drunk on power and beer, he holds court wittily with prizes like the shirt off his back or a personal massage from him.

Other NYC bars that love the bingo: Lips, Pete's Candy Store, Sweet Ups, Brandy's Piano Bar, and Professor Thom's.

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Posted on September 15, 2008

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