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being with you smokey robinsonWhen I was a wee one I was obsessed with the song Being With You, obsessed. It was my “Trouble” (by Lindsey Buckingham) at that point in my life. My mom would put the record on and I would totally belt it out and had a few smooth dance moves to go with it too.

I seemed to always be drawn to a little soul in my music (that's probably why I am the only person I know that listens to R Kelly without irony) and this woeful ditty about defying all others for a girl that done you wrong apparently talked directly to my toddler soul (I was three when it came out).

This song can always take me back to that vague distant world of being a little kid, those years where you're not sure if you actually remember what happened or have just filled in the blanks with stories families love to retell.

My stint as a Smokey Robinson impersonator is definitely one of those stories and it reminds me of my mom, always there to turn on the record player so I could perform.

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Posted on May 5, 2008

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