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bare escentuals makeupI have never been in favor of foundation, the word alone congers up images of girls in high school with bad chin streak lines and older ladies I used to work in offices and stores who frightened me with masks of eerie faux skin. But, I always dreamed, if there really was a make up that didn't look like makeup, didn't feel like makeup and, dream of dreams, actually made your complexion clearer, I'd change my tune.

Well tunes have been changed and Bare Escentuals is to thank for it. Women in my office have been singing the brands praises for a long time, but I finally paid heed when I wanted to get a little something for myself for my birthday. It's not terribly cheap stuff, but it's worth every penny.

I got the basic powder plus the “Complexion Enhancers” which includes a nice set of three brushes, an eye enhancer, a faux tan powder, a radiance all over face powder, and a light mineral veil. Sounds like you'll get out of the bathroom looking like a tramp, but the truth is you'll just look better. They can be used individually or all together.

I know this sounds like hyperbole, but what can I say, I'm thrilled with it, not only for making me feel like I look better but for making me feel more girly in the mornings. I've never ever had any more of “beauty?routine” until now and it makes me feel less like the low maintenance shlub that I am.

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Posted on March 9, 2009

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