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bambi is dead juan d'oultermontI was taken instantly with the poppy, breezy and eccentric Bambi is Dead by Juan D'oultremont, but I've been having a hard time finding out much about the artist. I assumed (from the silly rebelliousness of the title and the very modern art on the cover) that I was dealing with some young hipster, a French version of Vincent Gallo with more talent and a healthy obsession with Serge Gainsbourg — the album even has a Bardotesque sexy giggle in (perhaps) tribute to the sultry sleazster (Marrer Noire) and I could have sworn the track Japonais was a Serge cover!

I was finally able to find out (surprise, surprise!) that rather than some snot nose youth, D'oultremont is in his fifties – the same ripe old age Serge was when he was doing his best work like Brix Picks fave L'Homme a tete de chou. This informative bio (a rare one that's not in French) makes Juan sound pretty incredible:

If art is being where nobody's waiting for you, then Juan d'Outremont certainly is an artist. Performances, novels, theater plays, video clips, and even a few hit songs ?Record sleeves for Blue Note Records and appearances in a radio program for RTBF (the success show “Jeu des dictionnaires”). Colourless Belgian flags for people suffering from daltonism and erotic drawings?br/>

The album itself has only one flaw: it's far, far too short. Every song is dynamic and interesting – so much so that I can't even choose a favorite without listening to the entire track list.

I have no idea if another album is in the works, and I don't even remember how I stumbled across this one in the first place – but I do know that for some reason this album, that you can't even buy on Amazon, is available on iTunes, so have at it if you're a fan of French pop sounds of yesteryear.

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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