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angus youngAC/DC was a major symbol of a kind of frightening and exciting rebellion to me as an impressionable young lady. Older sisters of friends listened to it and told me while primping in in cosmetic filled bathrooms that the name stood for All Children Deceive Christ while meanwhile plotting the next beer stealing escapade with boyfriends' trucks from the local Safeway.

Angus Young's always been my favorite and with his devil horns and little boy school uniform, the most visible and emblematic of the group. Not a huge surprise since he's the one that started the whole thing. And, as much as I love the other stories about the name, in reality, when he formed the band as a undoubtedly rascally little teen in Scotland, the name AC/DC came from the back of his sisters sewing machine.

I personally missed the recent concerts, even had to say no to buying some tickets off a friend because of other obligations, but have read that he's still a wild man on stage.

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Posted on August 24, 2009

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