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Already a huge fan of the delicious, cheap and impressively efficient bahn mi shop, I was optimistic about the owners' expansion project; the full menued An Nhau next door. The fairly new addition to the Williamsburg dining scene has not disappointed. One meal we enjoyed a warm eggs and pork belly in broth dish that was perfect for sharing on cooler nights and a fresh shrimp vermicelli. Last night, we split a chicken vermicelli and a nice, tender shaken beef dish, cooked perfectly medium rare as requested.

It not only is a convenient place to eat but it's one of the most friendly meals your likely to have. Everyone seems so truly happy to be working there and to have you as their guest. They're awaiting a liquor license, but in the mean time this is a wonderful spot to enjoy a great non-alcohol fueled meal with an almost completely excellent menu of unique items not found in your run of the mill Vietnamese clone (the only thing we haven't been wild about are the fried spring rolls).

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Posted on October 12, 2009

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