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amadeus soundtrackAmadeus was a film that captured my heart and my imagination and really, what six-year-old isn't moved by old men in insane asylums wrought with guilt, tormented by their own mediocrity and young, careless prodigies haunted by the spirit of their fathers?

It compelled me to write book reports about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, (which, if I remember correctly, were mainly about how reality and the movie differed) and the soundtrack is quite possibly the most played album in my life – and yet I've never recommended it here; so now I will rectify that.

All tracks are famous recordings of Mozart's except for the awesome early 18th century recording Bubak and Hungaricus and Stabat Mater composed by Giovanni Pergolesi. Poor Salieri has no music of his own included.

The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields is an English chamber orchestra founded by its conductor Neville Marriner. This soundtrack is their most famous work; it was an extremely popular album, even breaking into the mainstream billboards, a difficult feat for a classical album.

Like most things that inspired me growing up, I have my dad to thank for my taste for this enduringly popular music. My sister and I would play the music constantly. Later, I even used Zaide in my wedding.

There are many re-issues of the soundtrack, I've learned that the one I've been listening to the past many years is a special two disc set that accompanied the film's laser disc release. It's hard to find, but not necessary, as many of the same recordings are available on the original and subsequent double disc sets.

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Posted on January 5, 2009

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