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afternoon tea milk tea kirinNo one blinks if you put milk in your iced coffee but watch out when you do it to iced tea. Once a lady at a deli almost wouldn't even serve it to me because it made no sense to her (but that was in hell hole Midtown, so no surprises). Still, much less hostly, I still get inquiries and quizzical reactions. I am here to tell you that there's nothing wrong with milk and sugar in iced tea and it is, in fact, a perfect summer treat particularly if you're over done on coffee.

England knows it, so does Hong Kong, where they call it, quite adorably and nicely “afternoon tea“. Even Kirin makes a bottled version that has its own blog (bought at Mitsuwa Market). Though it was yummy, I prefer a less sweet hand mixed proportion of sugar. The Hong Kong version uses evaporated milk, I prefer the healthier skim option.

Westerners are just not too keen on the idea, that's why it's always served with a milk curdling slice of lemon.

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Posted on August 11, 2008

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